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Most of us think about Florida, in terms of beautiful turquoise beaches, orange groves, golf courses, and majestic scenery of the Keys, the entertainment of Disney World, or nightlife of South Beach. Yet there is something missing in that thought.

GeoTech’s Founder, Neil Lakhlani recognized that there is a significant disconnect in the early 1980’s. That disconnect existed then and now below ground. Florida has a fair share of contaminated properties (+/-50 superfund sites). Many more contaminated properties remain unidentified. Exposure to these properties impacts the public health of residents and visitors. It impacts businesses, properties, and the natural ecosystem here in Southeast Florida.

Mr. Lakhlani also realized that the early 1980 CERCLA Law (or Superfund Law) was in its implementation infancy.The “Superfund” roll out was designed to investigate and cleanup sites contaminated with hazardous substances.  It’s goal to mitigate the enormous risk to the Florida environment would not be fulfilled quickly.  Neil was correct.  Twelve years later, in Feb.1992, the Sun Sentinel reported,

Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties stack up among the worst in the nation on some key measures of environmental pollution. Broward County had more toxic waste dumpsites than 99 percent of all the counties in the nation(Source: Public Data Access Inc. of New York)”.

In early 1993, GeoTech Environmental, Inc. (GeoTech), began work in earnest to provide solutions to core service sectors. That included private businesses such as auto repair facilities, gas stations, dry cleaners, abandoned warehouses, active shopping centers and Southeast Florida’s distressed and heavily industrialized areas.

GeoTech Environmental Inc.continues to provide consulting services to private sector service business as well as Federal, U.S. Military branches, the State of Florida and Municipal government entities with the same level of enthusiasm, social awareness and professional expertise that Neil introduced nearly three decades ago … but with an added dimension, GeoTech Realty Inc.


GeoTech Realty Inc. is a commercial real estate brokerage that serves a broad spectrum of commercial business. Working with over 4,600 government and private sector clients, and for over 30 years, Neil realized that all parties (Seller, Investor, Tenant, Franchise, Lender, Developer, and Insurer) must resolve these key variables:

  • Market value
  • Property condition
  • Liability protection.

The challenge created by environmental risk(s) (known and unknown) and regulation’s impact on a property’s worth would always require environmental and real estate valuation. Both are intrinsically dependent on a variety of personal, purpose, financial and marketable factors:

  • The sophistication and prospective of the stakeholder,
  • Regulatory authority, or ambiguous legal liability,
  • Lack of concentrated expertise from Brokers or consultants,
  • Clouded legal and environmental policies
  • Involvement from the local community

Any or all these factors can often result in either an economic opportunity or financial disaster for the property buyer or seller. GeoTech Realty, Inc., was formed specifically to clarify and demystify these issues for the influencing parties (attorneys, accountants, regulators, community leaders) that are involved in the acquisition, sale, and/or redevelopment of commercial real estate.


Agriculture: Land and Warehouse

Service: Gas/Fuel Station

Service: Auto Repair Center

Service: Dry Cleaner

Industry: Industrial Warehouse